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spinning sector
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 - this sector consists of eight mills for producing yarn counts that are from Egyptian cotton from  Ne 3  to Ne 120 or from Egyptian cotton blended with polyester from Ne 12 to Ne 80

- 100% polyester from Ne 6 up to Ne 80 and blended yarn cotton / lycra , cotton / lycra / polyester .
- And also including gassing mill (by electricity and gas) and mercerizing and bleaching mill.  
- hanking mill  from hanks to cones
- twisting mill including fishing yarn and waxing it.
- The total annual products about 30 thousand tons
- all mills are occupied with modern machines and equipments that achieve high quality , all production from single yarn has yarn welding sets and production from plied yarns run on T.F.O and there's ring plied all machines with new uster sets that help to control and improve the quality
- There's quality control for all production stages addition to laboratory control for the final product by all new methods and sets for checking.
- This happens inside the mills itself beside the central control from the quality control sector .