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wool sector

   there's a complete wool mill consist of 21400 looms , the annual production 3600 tons from yarn , 200 looms produced 4.5 million meter woolen fabrics finished ( men – women ) most of them by width 150 cm , 700 thousand plain and jacquard blanket with different sizes and weights , the production include net woolen products , beside blended woolen products with another fibers or from net aclyric .



- The mill is occupied by various equipment for woolen yarns and fabrics.

- The company has the international trade mark for wool "wool mark"

  * Internal policy:  1- the company has two steam power stations, give about 90 megawatt

it provided the company and many times provide El Mehalla city with energy at necessary .

2- Also has a water plant that provided mills and houses with treated water .

3- There are some work shops for equipment , maintenance and the manufacture of spare parts .

4- The company also has a garage with a large fleet of trucks for shipping goods .

5- there's a huge warehouse in Alexandria and clearance system for goods .

6- there's a training sector provided with modern methods for training workers inside the co. beside sending missions from workers to train outside in the field that needed to raise the efficiency of the workers